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Interface PnP

Interface PnP





Interface PnP is a plug and play solution for late model Suzuki Motorcycles, it is based on the new Microsquirt Module, this uses the Msextra  code.

The Interface PnP uses all the stock sensors ( crank sensor ,cam sensor, temp sensors,ect) so no need to rewire or replace existing sensors, as long as the sensors are in good working order .

The Interface PnP will run in both Batch fire and Sequential injection ( must use 3.0.3 or higher code)no rewiring is required to run in either mode, the Interface PnP will run in either coil on plug or wasted spark also with no rewiring of the harness

The interface PnP will  run the stock dash on both the Hayabusa and GSXR ( GSXR has gear indicator ) so the stock dash can be retained ,  no need to replace with an expensive aftermarket dash.








Be sure to read the FAQ section i break it down in dollars what you would save going with the PnP





The  production boxes now have builtin wideband option , so no need for a LC-1 or an external wideband system, as you can add the wideband feature to your order ,and it will be built into the PNP .




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