Megasquirt based custom motorcycle ECU's and acc.

Interface PnP


Q: Whats involved with installing the Interface PnP?

A: To install the base PnP ( no additional options ie, air shifter , shift light,)  install time is about 5 minutes, the only tool required,is a allen wrench to remove the seat,and tank bolts.


Q: Will the PnP run the stock Dash?

A: Yes dash retains full functions.


Q: How hard is it to tune and get started?

A: All ECU's come with a base map installed so initial starting is super easy , and the tuning is easy as well .


Q: Will the PnP for the GSXR 1000 control the secondary butterflies?

A: NO the PnP will not control the Sec butterflies and most likely i will not develop any system to do so


Q: Can the PnP datalog ?

A: YES at this time datalogging is done through either a laptop or a Palm pilot , USB Logger , BUT im working on some other options for datalogging , wireless  laptop, and some guys are working on SD card systems now .




 Your typical Turbo bike electronics consist if this ( with FMU or secondaries )


 Datalogger of some kind, innovate,wego,ect * some dataloggers run in excess of $1000.00 

 Air shifter/kill box

 Ignition retard and or amplifier

 Secondary fuel controller ( some run in excess of 750.00 WITHOUT LOGGING) 

 Power commander ( If not flahsing the stock ECU)

 Two step module

 Shift light/auto shift module



With the PnP you can eliminate ALL of these add on boxes 


 With the exception of the datalogger you need no external boxes to do everything that ALL of the above boxes

will do and have MILES less wiring on the bike .


So lets add this up                             Above boxes                                                      PnP

 Wideband                                       $ 150-200                                                      $150-200

 Datalogger                                     $ 500-1000                                                Datalogger  $100-200 (max)

 Ignition retard/amp                        $ 200-600                                                         Built in

 Air shifter/kill box                            $ 150-250                                                         Built in

 Secondary controller                       $450-1000                                                        --------

 Power commander                          $250-400                                                          --------

 Two step mod                                 $150-200                                                          Built in

 shiftlight/auto shift                          $150-200                                                          Built in


         Total     Retail                      $2000.00 - 3850.00                                   1250.00 - 1400.00


   So you could save any where from  $750.00 to $2450.00 retail  by going with the full standalone PnP route not counting alot less headache without all that associated wiring ALL over the bike.


Now to be fair you could purchase some of the items above used and save some money but for new vrs. new its hard to beat the price savings that  the PnP has, and some of the items are NOT needed to make a turbo bike make good power but this is just a outline of what MOST turbo bikes that weekend racers will have on them.

Some of the items can be flashed on the stock ecu and cost virtually nothing but it still dosent add up to what you would save going with the PnP.