Megasquirt based custom motorcycle ECU's and acc.

Interface PnP

Interface PnP For 99-07 Suzuki Hayabusa




                 Specifications for the Interface PnP 


 Will run in both batch or sequential fuel modes ( must use 3.0.3 or higher firmware)

 Will run in both Coil on plug or wasted spark mode ( no harness rewiring required )

 Optional seven segment gear indicator display for dash 

Air shifter control ( simple shift mode or gear based killtimes)

 16x16 fuel tables with optional table switching  ( most street maps are ALphaNblending maps ie. two tables for fueling ,one is TPS and the other is Map, this configuration gives great throttle response for great street manners )

12x12 ignition tables with optional table switching 

12x12 AFR tables ( for use with wide band only)

Narrow or wide band O2 sensor input  ( requires external wideband controller and sensor works with most aftermarket wide bands Innovate,AEM,ect)

Gear based timing retard  2d

Map based dwell addition 2d

Time based boost duty cycle tables  (open loop only at this time) 

 Either 8 gap crank wheel or 24-1 crank wheel  ( if using 8 gap wheel Coil on plug is the only ignition option 24-1 wheel can run in either mode)

 2.5bar map sensor standard for NA app.s or 4bar standard for boosted app.s can choose between internal or external plug and play sensors ( external is a extra charge option)

Either stock stick coils or after market coils with built in drivers can be run ( either 5volt square wave or 12volt square wave output)

Crank sensor polarity selectable on bard no need to swap wires on harness 

  Will run only high impedance injectors with standard drivers, board has provisions for low impedance injector driver board connections.

CAN communication wires are brought out the stock connectors so add on expansion boards can be used for additional sensor inputs , or aftermarket dashes that accept the MS CAN protocol can be hooked up

 6"x 4" Aluminum enclosure

 All ECU's come with a base map installed, and ready to go," Plug it in and hit the button"

Each ECU is custom built to customer specifications 



Boxes you can eliminate when using the PnP

 Air shifter/kill box

 ignition retard box

 ignition amplifier box

 Power commander 

 Secondary fuel controller

 Gear indicator box

 Shift  light/auto shift module's

 Window switch module(s)