Megasquirt based custom motorcycle ECU's and acc.

Interface PnP

          PNP I/O Extender

The all new PNP I/O Extender , thanks to Jbperf i am able to shrink the size down and add a commercial connector,\ new I/O Extender Basic module made all this possible, this also allows a much smaller package for the bike setups , it connects to both the new ULTRA PNP and the standard PNP boxes with 2 CAN wires.



Built in 4 channel EGT conditioners ( EGT probes extra) 

6 ADC inputs ( pressure or temperature sensors, 3 inputs have configurable pullups for GM temp sensors)

2 VR/Hall inputs for wheel speed input

4 general purpose 15amp outputs

3 Axis Accelerometer 

2 Active high inputs

4 active low inputs


Comes with harness

 Price TBD