Megasquirt based custom motorcycle ECU's and acc.

Interface PnP

       ULTRA Interface PNP

Here is the next generation PNP , this is the new ULTRA interface PNP , inside is the more powerful MS3 from megasquirt, it houses a Megqsquirt main board, the MS3 daughter board and , the Interface PNP main board witch enables it to plug and play with the stock first gen Hayabusa.

The Ultra will still run the stock Hayabusa dash,just like the standard PNP , all the features of the standard PNP are in the Ultra plus much more!!


Features   ( features will depend on firmware installed)

Built in SD card Datalogging !!

16x16 fuel tables .01% resolution

16x16 ignition tables .1deg resolution

12x12 injector timing angle table ( sequential mode only)

6x6 individual fuel trim tables ( sequential mode only) 

12x12 AFR table

Fully configurable X and Y axis on all tables for load and RPM

Wideband O2 closed loop fuel control ( wideband required ) 

AFR safety system ( shuts engine down if AFR's go out of range)

Air shifter control,gear based and simple mode (GPS sensor required for gear mode)

Full control over injector dead times with 2D tables 

Table switching for duel fuels or pump gas/ race gas tune switchable on the fly

Correction tables for CLT,MAT,and BARO

12 Generic outputs (shift lights, relays,shifter sol,tach ect)

9  ADC inputs ( CLT ,TPS,MAT,GPS,MAP,Oil , fuel , air pressure,ect)

6 digital inputs ( clutch,shifter button,speed sensor,table switching,ect)

2 stage dry or wet progressive N2O either time based or RPM based

Can run both stock stick coils or newer automotive coils with built in drivers  

Will run in both batch or sequential with no wiring changes needed

Will drive High impedance injectors only

 Launch/2 step control

 Water injection control 

6 generic PWM tables fully configurable for load,rpm, and PWM frequency

 CAN communications

EGT monitoring/ logging,safety system ( must use I/O expander)

Accelerometer monitoring /logging either external or through the optinal I/O extender 

Optional built in wideband O2  comes Bosch wideband sensor


Comes standard with 4bar replacement PNP map sensor,and PNP MAT sensor

USB connection standard ,and optional Bluetooth connection

Comes with batch fire /batch injection base map

Will work with both gen1 24-1 or gen2 24-2 crank rotors ( recommended rotors)  

All new logo with satin black powdercoat finish


Price  TBD