Megasquirt based custom motorcycle ECU's and acc.

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USB Logger

USB Logger is a new datalogging solution for the MS1 and MS2(Microsquirt) controllers ,a guy by the name of Heuy Hano builds and designed this board .

Im still sourcing a suitable case for this right now but i should have something in the next few weeks .

The Logger saves the files in FRD format so Tuner Studio will convert these into XML files for Megalog Viewier with ease, you can start and stop the logs and you can also mark the logs ( place a red line in the log ).

You can setup the logger to start logging as soon as it see the serial signal from the MS if it recognizes the firmware signature it will start logging on its own, so there are a few ways to set it up .

 The logger will work with both MS1 and MS2 baud rates  , and i have tried it with all versions of secondary and standalone firmwares with no problems.

Any size USB zip drive should work, so logging space should not be a problem .

The board size is 2.5" wide x 3.8" long and the case should be around 1.5" think


Price for the USB Logger is 200.00 plus shipping .


I do not keep these in stock, build time is 2 weeks!!!